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We turn our clients’ dreams into lasting memories

The world is opening back up, and we’re here to help you make sense of it all. From supplier safety regulations to varying travel restrictions, and everything in between, we’ll help you stay safe while traveling. Adventure awaits – it’s time to start planning!

Dream It

Condello Travel is a full-service boutique travel company located in Woodbridge, Ontario, driven by a deep sense of wanderlust, we curate unforgettable quintessential travel experiences.

Our intimate knowledge about each place we recommend, affords us a unique perspective on the world’s great destinations. This, in combination with our 33 years of expertise earned through decades in the travel space, inspires us to customize exceptional journeys and profound adventures tailored precisely to your individual needs and desires.


A New Kind of Luxury

What is your idea of Luxury? We all think so differently and we at Condello will listen to you and create your perfect luxury experience that puts you in that driver’s seat. It’s a level of comfort you’ve come to expect when the splendor is indeed as splendid as possible, and rightly so.

It’s nice to know that once you get where you’re going, it will be precisely where you belong.

Giving our Travel Designers free rein to custom-create a dream vacation to your exact, picture-perfect specifications delivers everything you want – along with a few premium advantages you didn’t expect. Condello Travel can take your ideas and turn them into reality

We do not only design travel experiences we create memories that will last with you for a lifetime.

Travel Inspiration



Whether you long to island-hop your way down the Caribbean island chains, connect the ocean waters with a Panama Canal cruise, or sail into an exotic Mediterranean port to sip a Negroni, we can curate luxury cruising experiences that include voyages with some of the world’s most renowned cruise lines, including Crystal Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Silversea Cruises, to name just a few.

Group Travel Condello

Custom Design Travel

Be it a preference for small intimate inns over grand hotels (or vice versa), the finest dining or the most local dives, and your sightseeing passion, from visiting medieval battlefields to meeting local artists behind the scenes our team of experts can get you in where doors are otherwise closed.

Hosted Groups

These are specially designed escorted small group journeys which are creatively designed with educational elements and local encounters that broaden the mind and deliver in-depth experiences of the destination.Hosted by Felicia or a senior member of our team you feel safe in the knowledge you are being escorted by experts.

Group Travel Condello


Your dream wedding in another country can be a week of blissful celebration that will last a lifetime with amazing memories or a nightmare you will quickly want to forget. At Condello Travel we only want to create the perfect romantic vacation or Destination Wedding that will delight you as the couple planning a perfect wedding.

Group Travel Condello

Small Group “Bubble” Travel

Travel will be different in the near future and travelling to reconnect with family, friends or loved ones will be on most people’s bucket list. At Condello we listen to you. We are not order takers and will ask the questions so we can get a clear picture and understanding of your particular needs for your small group trip. 

Christmas Markets River Cruise with Condello Travel

“Join Felicia and Condello Travel on this small group to celebrate Christmas on the Rhine. 3 countries, great food, entertainment and so much more. Fully refundable if it does not happen due to covid!”

So, what makes Condello Travel so unique and dynamic?

“Every single trip is extraordinary, and the value and cost of it makes no difference,” explains Felicia. “That person that is going on a plane for the first time – that’s extraordinary. That person reuniting with their families after many obstacles – that’s extraordinary. That itemized itinerary with couples to beautiful Dubai and Abu Dhabi or the beach party with Toga outfits – all extraordinary. And wait, that overwater bungalow in Bora Borra – very extraordinary.”

Travel Trends 2021

Lorraine and Felicia from Condello Travel talk again about travel trends and this week we dig more into Europe. How are they doing? What are the predictions for travel to Europe?

Travel Friday with Felicia from Condello Travel

Yes it’s Friday and I am looking forward to another weekend building at the Travel Café and today I wanted to check in with my fellow travel expert and see what is up in the world of travel right now. What are the latest findings and when should we start to think about booking our first trips? Catch 22 do we wait and then the price may reflect demand later or do we book and hope for the best and use companies that give flexible terms? Also, we talk about groups. Felicia is working with several wellness studios on travel for the future with a wellness theme.

Condello Travel suggests going away by staying at home

All our domestic airlines, hotels, restaurants, transportation businesses and governments are all touting travel at home this summer – when it’s safe to do so of course. A number of provinces have introduced newer and stricter measures to combat COVID-19 as the...

Fly to the Maldives, get a tan, get vaccinated

Tired of waiting for that text, email, or cell phone call from your local health agency to get your vaccination? You are not alone, and this why The Maldives tourism department has just announced plans to offer the coronavirus vaccine to international travelers in a...

Call Condello Travel and book your “Vaxication”

Vaccinations. No, wait. That’s “vaxications” – the fuel our travel industry needs as we will soon enter a post-pandemic world. As the vaccine rollout is happening across Canada, travel-hungry consumers are now mapping out their next vacation spot, and “vaxications”...

Condello Travel in Vaughan, ON, closely monitoring St. Vincent and Grenadines volcano-tectonic (VT) earthquakes

Condello Travel is keeping a close eye on the situation in St. Vincent and the Grenadines – two popular locations that are adored by Vaughan’s full-service travel agency. Condello Travel and its entire team are devastated by the news of on the devastating...

Condello Travel focusses on rebranding

Condello Travel in Vaughan, ON, has weathered the “pandemic storm” over the last year and they have now just hit the refresh button in a big way to offer travel consumers new experiences in our post-pandemic world. The rebranding of business has been top-of-mind and...

Enjoy Bold Adventures And Spectacular Entertainment On Royal Caribbean!

Royal Caribbean is known for the world’s largest ships that promise you the boldest adventures. Their motto is to please guests of each generation and to impress every kind of traveler. It’s notable that this cruise line has been voted the best cruise line in the...

Why is Norwegian Cruise Line the best for a family vacation?

Norwegian Cruise Line has a 53-year history of introducing innovative features on their cruise vessels. Their fleet of 17 ships gives you flexibility with a wide choice of staterooms, cuisines, entertainment, and fun activities. Their Freestyle experience offers the...

To cruise or not to cruise

We know you’re eager to get the facts and find out when it will be safe to plan and book your next vacation.. The cruise industry, like so many others, has taken many steps to ensure the well-being of guests and staff. As ships come back into service, most cruise...

Balmoral Resort Florida

Recently we had the opportunity to visit Balmoral Resort Florida in Central Florida. Located just an hour away from Orlando International Airport, this gated community in Haines City, features spacious accommodations and family & pet-friendly amenities. A couple...

Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco

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