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Privacy Policy

[vc_row el_class=”cls-about”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Condello Travel is committed to protecting your privacy. As a tour operator and distributor of travel services, we attach particular importance to protecting the personal information that you share with us and we strive to maintain your trust in this regard.

Condello Travel is committed to protecting your privacy. As a tour operator and distributor of travel services, we attach particular importance to protecting the personal information that you share with us and we strive to maintain your trust in this regard.

Policy Objective

The objective of this Personal Information and Privacy Protection Policy is to provide you with information about the manner in which Condello Travel collects, uses and shares your personal information, the options you have in this respect and how you can access and rectify your personal information if necessary.

This Policy was developed to comply with the requirements of the privacy protection legislation in force.

Our Commitment

  • We have developed and implemented internal policies and procedures designed to provide adequate protection of the personal information in our possession and we review these on a regular basis.
  • We educate our employees about the importance of protecting personal information by providing them with training on this topic and by regularly issuing guidelines that emphasize their role and obligations in this respect.
  • We take reasonable measures to ensure that our agents, mandataries, representatives and other external organizations comply with this Policy (e.g. airport service providers, incoming tour operators, hotel operators, administrative support, data processing and data storage companies, payment processors, etc.).

What Information Do We Collect?

For the purposes of this Policy, «personal information» refers to any information that could allow an individual to be identified, such as an email address, telephone number or any medical or financial information.

We collect your personal information in several ways, including when you reserve or purchase travel services or participate on our social media sites.

Depending on the circumstances, here are some types of personal information that we may collect about you:

  • Your name;
  • Your contact information, including your telephone number, physical address or email address;
  • Information about the payment method used (including the number, expiry date and CVV number of the card used to make the payment);
  • Information about your reservation;
  • Your passport number;
  • Your date of birth, sex and nationality;
  • Your interests and travel preferences;
  • Details about a problem you experienced.


In an effort to continuously improve the quality of the services offered on Condello Travel’s website and to better meet your expectations, Condello Travel may use cookies, which are text files used to identify your device when connecting to one of our services.

By accessing Condello Travel’s website, mobile site or mobile applications, you acknowledge that you have read the information provided to you regarding the purpose of any process accessing, through electronic transmission, information already stored on your device (electronic communications terminal), or recording information in such device (cookies), and further acknowledge that you are aware of the means at your disposal to refuse such process. You acknowledge that the appropriate configuration of your web browser constitutes your acceptance of the implementation and use of cookies.

For more information on the use of cookies by Condello Travel, please refer to our policy on the management of cookies.

How Do We Use and Share Your Information?

  • To finalize reservation or purchase transactions when you buy services, benefits, products, or goods provided by Condello Travel (e.g.: details of your reservation are forwarded to our travel service providers and the providers of any other product or ancillary service pertaining to the travel services, such as air carriers, hotel operators, cruise travel agencies, incoming or outgoing tour operators, vehicle rental companies, etc.);
  • To determine and verify your identity and to ensure your safety;
  • To comply with the legislation in force, including the information requirements of the customs and immigration services;
  • To respond to your requests for information;
  • For marketing, market analysis and survey purposes to the extent provided by law;
  • To target your needs, interests and preferences and to inform you of services, benefits, products and goods that may be of interest to you, to the extent provided by law (e.g. with your consent, your travel preferences may be shared with service providers so that they may send you personalized offers);
  • To control the quality of our customer service and to prevent fraud;
  • For any other purpose as required or permitted by law.

Your personal information may be shared among Condello Travel’s affiliates as part of providing the travel services. Such information may also be forwarded to the third-party providers with which Condello Travel conducts business from time to time and these third-party providers may contact you to send you personalized offers for products and services.

Condello Travel is not liable for the use or sharing of personal information that you provide to third-party providers and may not be held liable for the policies, procedures, or practices of such third-party providers with respect to the protection of personal information.

The Security of Your Personal Information

We have implemented a combination of material, organizational and technological means to ensure the confidentiality of the personal information that we hold, to protect such information against loss or theft and to prevent any unauthorized access, transmission, reproduction, use or amendment thereof.

When we share personal information with a third party, we take appropriate security measures to ensure such third party’s compliance with the undertakings and rules set forth in this Policy.

Local tribunals and legislation will have jurisdiction over the access of your personal information

Right to Access and Rectify Your Personal Information

Upon written request and subject to proof of identification, you may consult the personal information that we have collected, used or shared, as required or permitted by law.

Accessing the personal information contained in your file and rectifying such personal information is free of charge. However, a small fee may be required, upon notice from us, to cover the costs of processing such requests (e.g. the cost of photocopies).

We will attempt to process your request to access or rectify your personal information within thirty (30) days of receipt thereof. If we are unable to respond within this time, you will be notified.

Accuracy and Rectification of Your Personal Information

We make every effort to keep the personal information in our possession accurate, complete, and up to date. However, you are in the best position to quickly inform us of any changes to your personal information, and we therefore, ask you to inform us of any required amendments.

At any time, you may request that the appropriate corrections be made to the personal information that we hold about you. If applicable, we will forward the amended information to the third parties that have access to your personal information

Contact Us

Any comments, questions or access or rectification requests concerning your personal information, this Policy or our internal personal information protection procedures may be addressed in writing to Condello Travel:

Condello Travel

Address: 4500 Hwy 7 W, Woodbridge, ON L4L 4Y7

We undertake to follow up on every comment, question, request or complaint.

Updating of this Policy

This Policy is subject to amendment to account for the rapid evolution of the rules pertaining to the protection of personal information and privacy. This version was last updated on April 1, 2018.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]