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The perfect wedding is as unique as the bond between the couple. The location needs to reflect their taste, choices and style as well as their needs.


Your dream wedding in another country can be a week of blissful celebration that will last a lifetime with amazing memories or a nightmare you will quickly want to forget.

At Condello Travel we only want to create the perfect romantic vacation that will delight you as the couple planning a perfect wedding. We also have your guests top of mind – we know they too will love the experience from the time they arrive at the airport.

Everyone matters in a dream wedding!

Destination weddings are very challenging,

and they have many moving parts.

Over the years I have educated, or “WEDucated,” my team on all the procedures, perfect locations, rules, regulations, and customs needed in planning that “special day” for couples in other countries.

Just recently, We have joined forces with a specialist wedding planner who will take care of every detail of your wedding planning, wherever you choose to get married, while my team of travel experts will take care of all the travel pieces for your guests.

The travel is an important part of your booking and when you plan a wedding overseas, you probably have many friends and family booking from different locations, wanting to fly on different days and stay in different room types with one, two or three people. In some cases, no kids, or one or two or more kids. Let’s add in all the questions with travel, diet restrictions, and personal travel challenges. It can sure get complicated. But we take care all the little details.

Our team will help you decide the perfect place for you and your group, based on your wishes. We will never ask you: “Where do you want to go?” We work just like a realtor. You should expect us to know the places personally and to be able to suggest the perfect backdrop to your perfect day/week of celebration.

A wedding is your big day and we never disappoint!



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