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All our domestic airlines, hotels, restaurants, transportation businesses and governments are all touting travel at home this summer – when it’s safe to do so of course.

A number of provinces have introduced newer and stricter measures to combat COVID-19 as the numbers in cases and hospitalizations are growing, like in Ontario, who are restricting interprovincial travel, extending the state of emergency and stay-at-home orders and placing new restrictions on recreational activities for the next while.

But if there is one light at the end of the tunnel, it is the vaccination rollout. Once Canadians are fully vaccinated (two doses), then travel at home will most pick back up, and this should be soon: as of early April, at least 5 million Canadians received their first shot of the vaccine; 716,068 of which have been fully vaccinated and are deemed safe to travel.

Just think – many of us will be fully vaccinated and we can soon travel across our province, and travel across Canada, even abroad later this year.

“People getting fully vaccinated will help get Ontario, Canada, and the world back to a new normal – nothing will ever be exactly the same as pre-COVID, but we will soon start to move more freely again and this is amazing news for the travel industry and our economy,” says Felicia Di Francesco, the founder and owner of Condello Travel in Vaughan, ON, a boutique, full-service travel agency.